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Stick with us

Since our last update back in March, quite a bit has gone down both in the world at large as well as here at Added Time Outfitters.

As we promised then, we’ve continued to regularly roll out new wristband designs. Our match collection now features 24 designs for teams from seven countries and we have five more to debut in the next few weeks. And despite a torrid expansion comparable only to Major League Soccer’s over the last few years, you’ve somehow managed to outpace our increasing supply with an ever-increasing demand.

Along the way, we’ve received numerous suggestions for new product ideas — from further fashion accessories to apparel and various beyond. To be fair, those are all things we have talked about doing. But, as it turned out, the new product request that we’ve received the most is also one that was one of easiest to pull off.

Hence our newest product offerings: high-quality vinyl stickers.

We took a design from 15 of our most popular wristbands and laid it overtop of three familiar templates: a pitch, a boot, and a ball. And each looks great on your laptop, water bottle, or favorite pub’s bathroom wall… though only if they endorse that sort of thing.

Just like with our wristbands, each pack of three stickers is available now with free shipping for just $5! And if you missed the link above, either hit the “Shop” link at the top of the page or view the entire collection of stickers by clicking here.

And after you order your own stickers, make sure to snap some pictures and tag us so we can see where you’re sticking Added Time Outfitters.

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  1. […] And though that idea initially manifested itself in the form of our line of original wristbands, we have always dreamed of more. Apparel lines, artwork, and further accessories have always dotted the periphery of our discussions about and plans for the future. We took a small step in that direction with the sticker packs we launched in July. […]

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