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  • Collaborate with Added Time Outfitters

    Back before the turn of the New Year, Added Time Outfitters experienced yet another first: our first custom collaboration on a wristband. Our team worked closely with Mitch, a former member of the Coker University men’s soccer team, to create a design that would celebrate the program’s 40th anniversary. Together, we whipped up a snakeskin-inspired […]

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  • For your head: Added Time Outfitters + Talisman & Co.

    When we first launched Added Time Outfitters, our idea was relatively simple: let’s come up with a unique way for supporters of the beautiful game to represent their favorite teams, moments, and sport. And though that idea initially manifested itself in the form of our line of original wristbands, we have always dreamed of more. […]

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  • ATO at Away Days

    For the first year of our existence, the fine goods we purvey here at Added Time Outfitters have only ever been available right here at Added Time Outfitters dot com. But that changes today as a selection of our original wristbands are now available from our friends at Away Days, a Boston-based soccer brand an […]

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  • Happy birthday to us

    Against all odds, we survived our first year. This Wednesday, July 29, 2020, will mark exactly one year to the day from the public unveiling of Added Time Outfitters. And what a wild year it’s been. We’ve discovered and rectified a major production snag, exponentially increased our product offerings, and navigated the turbulent waters of […]

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  • Stick with us

    Since our last update back in March, quite a bit has gone down both in the world at large as well as here at Added Time Outfitters. As we promised then, we’ve continued to regularly roll out new wristband designs. Our match collection now features 24 designs for teams from seven countries and we have […]

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