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Save the season with our annual Black Friday sale

It’s that time of year again. You know, it’s the time when we probably should be buying holiday gifts for others while there are great deals, but end up mostly getting things for ourselves.

We’re as guilty, so no judgment here.

No matter who you’re shopping for during and around the traditional Black Friday/Cyber Monday festive period, Added Time Outfitters is here to fulfill your soccer supporting needs. Starting Monday, Nov. 22, and running through Monday, Nov. 29, you can get 25% off of everything in our online store when you use the code “magicspray” at checkout!

That’s right: every single item we sell is on sale.

Each and every single one of our match-inspired wristbands — including the four new womens’ soccer designs we revealed last week and a further four new domestic drops this week — is eligible. Our collaboration cap with Talisman & Co.? Yup, it’s on sale, too. So are all of our stickers. And you can grab almost all of them with free shipping, as always.

So if you’ve been eyeballing the designs for your favorite club sides and national teams, now is the perfect time to grab them at a discount… and maybe pick up an extra for a friend while you’re at it.