Miracle at Belo Horizonte


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Wear one of the most shocking results in World Cup history!
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With an American side comprised of semi-professionals with day jobs facing an England that many considered one of the best teams in the world, even U.S. head coach Bill Jeffrey thought the Yanks had “no chance” in their first-round draw. But despite the English pummeling the Americans in the early running, American keeper Frank Borghi and his defense held tight. And in the 37th minute, the USMNT rewarded their stout defense when Walter Bahr’s shot from distance was glancingly redirected by Joe Gaetjens and past a diving Bert WIlliams to give the underdogs the lead. The sides traded chances in the second half but neither found the back of the net again, leaving the U.S. with one of the greatest World Cup upsets of all-time.


The match side of the wristband is inspired by the sepia-tinged kits worn by the Americans against England in Belo Horizonte: a red sash over white shirt with a shield crest. The reverse features a design based on the official ball of the 1950 tournament, the all-leather Superball Duplo T.

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