Toffee Time


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Remember one of the Blue’s most resounding recent victories over their neighbors with a wristband made for supporters of the Toffees.


While the Merseyside Derby is one of the most celebrated and famous rivalries in world football, there’s no doubting the fact that it has been dominated by the Red half — particularly in recent times. But while the sweet taste of victory has proven elusive for the Blues, that makes the times they have triumphed all-the-more memorable. That was definitely the case when the two sides met at Goodison Park in September of 2007, when Toffees put three past their rivals — one goal from legend Tim Cahill and two from Andy Johnson — to mark their biggest victory in the “Friendly Derby” since 1964.


The match side of the wristband sits atop a profile view of the Prince Rupert’s Tower, the famous cone-shaped lock-up that sits both in Everton in Liverpool and in the Blue’s crest. On the reverse is a design that takes inspiration from the Toffees’ cult-favorite peach and navy away strip worn from 1992 to 1994.

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