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A new way to wear Added Time

If there’s one thing Added Time Outfitters is known for, it’s wristbands.

With nearly 80 designs and more on the way, that makes sense — especially considering we’ve only offered two other products besides them so far. But we’ve always had designs to offer more than just a bunch of wristbands, a few stickers, and a single hat.

Choosing what direction to take and what new products to offer next weren’t easy choices either. There are lots of brilliant and creative companies already operating in the boutique lifestyle soccer space, many of whom already provide goods we would like to take a crack at. How could we make a mark in such a crowded arena?

By taking chances. It’s worked for us this far, anyway.

And that’s how we ended up coming up with our first official apparel offering — the Fourth Official Tee.

We’ve always focused on trying to capture moments and allow supporters of the beautiful game the opportunity to wear them. And the Fourth Official Tee aims to capture one of those moments, feelings that are felt nearly universally across the footballing spectrum. When the fourth official lifts the board above his head and delivers some devastating information. Too much or too little added time, an injury confirmation, the super sub you wanted to avoid.


You might have whispered it. Perhaps it was shouted. Or maybe it just was just a momentary thought that crossed your mind. But you’ve been there. We’ve all been there.

Yes, our first Added Time Outfitters shirt isn’t for everyone — our moms and wives have told us as much. But as the cliche goes, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. And this one felt like a moment we couldn’t resist.

And we’ve got more gear in the works, so keep that head on a swivel to see what we serve up next.

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Save the season with our annual Black Friday sale

It’s that time of year again. You know, it’s the time when we probably should be buying holiday gifts for others while there are great deals, but end up mostly getting things for ourselves.

We’re as guilty, so no judgment here.

No matter who you’re shopping for during and around the traditional Black Friday/Cyber Monday festive period, Added Time Outfitters is here to fulfill your soccer supporting needs. Starting Monday, Nov. 22, and running through Monday, Nov. 29, you can get 25% off of everything in our online store when you use the code “magicspray” at checkout!

That’s right: every single item we sell is on sale.

Each and every single one of our match-inspired wristbands — including the four new womens’ soccer designs we revealed last week and a further four new domestic drops this week — is eligible. Our collaboration cap with Talisman & Co.? Yup, it’s on sale, too. So are all of our stickers. And you can grab almost all of them with free shipping, as always.

So if you’ve been eyeballing the designs for your favorite club sides and national teams, now is the perfect time to grab them at a discount… and maybe pick up an extra for a friend while you’re at it.

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WoSo wristbands

It sure took as long enough, didn’t it?

Despite two of our most popular wristbands being designs inspired by the U.S. women’s national team, we had yet to debut a single wristband inspired by a women’s club side.

But with the pre-eminent women’s league holding their championship match this weekend — with Added Time’s D.J. in attendance, no less — we figured it was high time to change that.

So beginning today, we’re dropping four brand new WoSo wristbands for the very first time!

Fleur de Louisville
Royal Rain
Grasp the Thorns
Stars by the Lake

You can browse all four designs inspired by Chicago, Louisville, Portland, and Seattle — plus our two USWNT-inspired design — by clicking the button below.

See you in Louisville this Saturday!

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Support local: your chance to win a kit

Our sport, at its heart, is a grassroots effort. The local soccer scene — no matter where you might find yourself — is the heartbeat of the sport. It develops local youth players, crowds in which to gather and watch big matches, and teams to play with, a community to join and socialize within.

That’s why we’re big believers of supporting local soccer. And whether that’s collaborating with local supporters groups or supporting amateur sides — such as local men’s side 1819 Cincinnati — Added Time Outfitters is always looking for ways to support the community in which we find ourselves.

So when 1819 Cincinnati let us know they had a few spare kits with our logo on the front from last season’s campaign, we knew of a perfect way to put them to good use. We want to pass the love on to another soccer community: yours.

Sure, we could sell them — we’ve had offers! But instead we’re giving them away to our followers. The community we’ve built around Added Time Outfitters over the last three years has been incredible, and we could think of no better way to show our thanks to all of you thank to give you a chance to get your hands on these limited edition beauties from Nike.

So, how do you enter? Head to either our Twitter and/or Instagram posts and follow the instructions on each.

We’ll select winners on Wednesday, September 29th, and will contact you via direct message on either platform after the conclusion of a random draw. Winners will have 48 hours to respond before surrendering your prize and it being awarded to another contestant.

To everyone who participates, even if you don’t win, we appreciate all of the love you’ve shown us and thank you for being a part of our community. Best of luck!

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Collab: Added Time x Die Innenstadt

We’re always looking to connect with fans of the beautiful game to provide them new ways show their support.

So when the opportunity to collaborate with Cincinnati-based supporters group Die Innenstadt arrose, it seemed like a match made in soccer-supporting heaven.

As one of the largest independent supporter group for our local MLS side, FC Cincinnati, Die Innenstadt have played a large part in shaping the blooming culture surrounding the club. Their name, meaning the “Inner City”, pays homage to their roots in Cincinnati’s urban core and the city’s prominent German heritage. And they’ve long maintained a focus on championing the rebirth and progress of the Queen City — a cause near and dear to our hearts here at Added Time.

So what did we whip up together?

When it came time to the come up with the design for our wristband collaboration with Die Innenstadt, we turned to their groups’ eclectic collection of membership scarves. On one side we took inspiration from their 2018 scarf, placing the group’s initialed lettermark over top a blue-tinged background of Bavarian diamonds. The reverse features the orange latticework covered in white vines from their 2020 scarf, a nod to the the shaded outdoor biergarten of DI’s longtime away matchday bar, Mecklenburg Gardens.

Ever socially conscious, Die Innenstadt has also pledged to donate $2 from the sale of each wristband to local charity, It Starts with the Shoes. The soccer-focused non-profit looks “to provide shoes, equipment, gear, nutrition, training, tansportation, and facilities for those who otherwise can’t afford to play soccer”.

For supporters of the Orange and Blue who want to sport the new reversible design at TQL Stadium, you can pick one up at Die Innenstadt’s pre-match festivities starting this Saturday, July 31, 2021, at the Sam Adams Tap Room in the West End. They’ll also be available at future away day watch parties at Mecklenburg Gardens and in their online store.

Interested in partnering with Added Time Outfitters to produce a unique, one-of-a-kind wristband for your supporters group, youth club, or soccer organization? Let’s talk! You can more about the process — and even fill out the interest form — on our Collaborations page.

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Helps us add some international flair

Thanks to the delays induced by the dreaded plague, the summer of 2020 will be one to remember for supporters of the beautiful game. The European Championships, Copa America, and the Olympic tournaments have all been bumped back to this summer, meaning we’re in for a smorgasbord of soccer this summer.

To celebrate, we’ve decided to massively expand our wristband offerings for national teams!

Our three current international designs — for the U.S. women’s and men’s national teams and Mexico — have proven some of our most popular to date. And this summer, we’ll be adding a further seventeen wristbands. Here’s who we’ll be making them for:

South America
South Korea
USWNT (2nd Design)

Now normally, we like to keep our new designs under wraps until we release them into the wild. But we’re taking a different tact with these international offerings by letting YOU help us choose the iconic matches we feature on each wristband. All you have to do is scroll down below and cast a vote for the matches(s) you think should get incorporated into the designs. We made some suggestions for each country’s designs below, but feel free to write in your own matches as well.

We’ll leave the polls open through Friday, April 9 to allow ample time for votes to be cast and production so that we can have these designs on your wrists this summer.

Now that you’re done voting, check out our full selection of international team wristband designs.

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Collaborate with Added Time Outfitters

Back before the turn of the New Year, Added Time Outfitters experienced yet another first: our first custom collaboration on a wristband.

Our team worked closely with Mitch, a former member of the Coker University men’s soccer team, to create a design that would celebrate the program’s 40th anniversary. Together, we whipped up a snakeskin-inspired wristband that paid homage to the Cobras’ past and present. Over 120 wristbands were ordered, including one for every current member of the Coker varsity team and staff.

Of course, we’re hoping this is the first of many collabs across the soccer community. Whether you’re a youth club, non-profit organization, college team, supporters group, or even a like-minded brand… we want to work with you! Added Time Outfitter wristbands are the perfect way to commemorate a massive achievement, build club culture, or even be used to run a fundraiser.

And to make the process easier, we now have a dedicated page on the site to submit your interest in collaborating.

A big thank you to Mitch and all of the Coker soccer family for kicking things off, and we look forward to working with you on a design soon.

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For your head: Added Time Outfitters + Talisman & Co.

When we first launched Added Time Outfitters, our idea was relatively simple: let’s come up with a unique way for supporters of the beautiful game to represent their favorite teams, moments, and sport.

And though that idea initially manifested itself in the form of our line of original wristbands, we have always dreamed of more. Apparel lines, artwork, and further accessories have always dotted the periphery of our discussions about and plans for the future. We took a small step in that direction with the sticker packs we launched in July.

But today, we take those dreams a step further.

We’re doing that by launching our first move into the headwear space and an exciting collaboration with Talisman & Co. Launched by former professional player Dustin Branan and based out of St. Paul, Minn., Talisman “offers high-end, quality made caps to help you support and celebrate your football club”. And with a few Talisman caps already in our personal collections, teaming up with them for our first hat seemed a no-brainer.

The result of that collaboration affirmed that choice: the Added Time Outfitters + Talisman 5-Panel Cap.

The cap sports an unstructured, premium brushed cotton twill five-panel design, which is often called a “camp hat”. It features embroidered Added Time Outfitters logos on the front and back, including a new “fourth official” secondary mark. On the inside, a co-branded tag featuring the Talisman and ATO wordmarks.

You can purchase your own Added Time + Talisman 5-Panel Cap now as it is available exclusively at

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ATO at Away Days

For the first year of our existence, the fine goods we purvey here at Added Time Outfitters have only ever been available right here at Added Time Outfitters dot com.

But that changes today as a selection of our original wristbands are now available from our friends at Away Days, a Boston-based soccer brand an online retailer.

In addition to Away Days’ own line of soccer lifestyle apparel offerings, they provide supporters of the beautiful game a way to discover new clubs and football brands through a curated offering of soccer jerseys, apparel, and accessories.

In short, we love the way they look at the game and partnering with them was a no brainer.

Go and have a look at everything they have to offer at, and you can spy our offerings on their site here.

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Happy birthday to us

Against all odds, we survived our first year.

This Wednesday, July 29, 2020, will mark exactly one year to the day from the public unveiling of Added Time Outfitters. And what a wild year it’s been. We’ve discovered and rectified a major production snag, exponentially increased our product offerings, and navigated the turbulent waters of a pandemic and social upheaval.

A year ago, we made our debut with just five wristbands for five teams. Today we have 24 — plus six new designs for six new teams which will be introduced in the few weeks. There are stickers now, too. We’ve shipped to 48 states (plus D.C.) and six countries. And we’ve sold thousands of wristbands. Alexi Lalas even gave us a shout.

None of that, of course, would be possible without the support of everyone who has placed an order, shared a post, or even gave us a follow. So it only seemed right that we celebrate our big milestone by saying thanks to all of you.

And we’ll be doing that in two ways…

Starting today you’ll notice posts on each of our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds where will be conducting a follow, comment, and share/tag giveaway culminating on Wednesday at 12 PM Eastern! Follow the exact rules for each channel below for your chance to win FIVE (5) Added Time Outfitters wristbands:

  • Facebook: Navigate to the post on our wall, leave a comment where you tag at least two friends, and then share the post to your own wall. Make sure you give the ATO account a “like” as well.
  • Instagram: Navigate to the post on our feed, tag at least two friends in the comments, and then share the post to your story. Make sure you’re following the ATO account, too.
  • Twitter: Find this tweet, reply to it by tagging at least two friends, and then share the post to your own wall. Too, be sure to give our account a follow.

You can register to win on each of the platforms, but you can only be selected as winner for one. Winners will be announced on each relevant social channel on July 29, 2020, by 1 PM Eastern. Winners must also have a shipping address located within the United States, and must get in touch with us either through direct message (DM) or by emailing us here, by August 1, 2020, with proof of account ownership.

Additionally, we’re also launching a special 20% off sale on all orders placed between now and midnight on July 29th. To take advantage of that sale, use code “ONEYEAR” at checkout.

Hopefully that goes a little way to showing our appreciation for all of your support during our first year, and here’s looking forward to a bigger and better year two and beyond.