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ATO at Away Days

For the first year of our existence, the fine goods we purvey here at Added Time Outfitters have only ever been available right here at Added Time Outfitters dot com.

But that changes today as a selection of our original wristbands are now available from our friends at Away Days, a Boston-based soccer brand an online retailer.

In addition to Away Days’ own line of soccer lifestyle apparel offerings, they provide supporters of the beautiful game a way to discover new clubs and football brands through a curated offering of soccer jerseys, apparel, and accessories.

In short, we love the way they look at the game and partnering with them was a no brainer.

Go and have a look at everything they have to offer at, and you can spy our offerings on their site here.

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Happy birthday to us

Against all odds, we survived our first year.

This Wednesday, July 29, 2020, will mark exactly one year to the day from the public unveiling of Added Time Outfitters. And what a wild year it’s been. We’ve discovered and rectified a major production snag, exponentially increased our product offerings, and navigated the turbulent waters of a pandemic and social upheaval.

A year ago, we made our debut with just five wristbands for five teams. Today we have 24 — plus six new designs for six new teams which will be introduced in the few weeks. There are stickers now, too. We’ve shipped to 48 states (plus D.C.) and six countries. And we’ve sold thousands of wristbands. Alexi Lalas even gave us a shout.

None of that, of course, would be possible without the support of everyone who has placed an order, shared a post, or even gave us a follow. So it only seemed right that we celebrate our big milestone by saying thanks to all of you.

And we’ll be doing that in two ways…

Starting today you’ll notice posts on each of our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds where¬†will be conducting a follow, comment, and share/tag giveaway culminating on Wednesday at 12 PM Eastern! Follow the exact rules for each channel below for your chance to win FIVE (5) Added Time Outfitters wristbands:

  • Facebook: Navigate to the post on our wall, leave a comment where you tag at least two friends, and then share the post to your own wall. Make sure you give the ATO account a “like” as well.
  • Instagram: Navigate to the post on our feed, tag at least two friends in the comments, and then share the post to your story. Make sure you’re following the ATO account, too.
  • Twitter:¬†Find this tweet, reply to it by tagging at least two friends, and then share the post to your own wall. Too, be sure to give our account a follow.

You can register to win on each of the platforms, but you can only be selected as winner for one. Winners will be announced on each relevant social channel on July 29, 2020, by 1 PM Eastern. Winners must also have a shipping address located within the United States, and must get in touch with us either through direct message (DM) or by emailing us here, by August 1, 2020, with proof of account ownership.

Additionally, we’re also launching a special 20% off sale on all orders placed between now and midnight on July 29th. To take advantage of that sale, use code “ONEYEAR” at checkout.

Hopefully that goes a little way to showing our appreciation for all of your support during our first year, and here’s looking forward to a bigger and better year two and beyond.


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Stick with us

Since our last update back in March, quite a bit has gone down both in the world at large as well as here at Added Time Outfitters.

As we promised then, we’ve continued to regularly roll out new wristband designs. Our match collection now features 24 designs for teams from seven countries and we have five more to debut in the next few weeks. And despite a torrid expansion comparable only to Major League Soccer’s over the last few years, you’ve somehow managed to outpace our increasing supply with an ever-increasing demand.

Along the way, we’ve received numerous suggestions for new product ideas — from further fashion accessories to apparel and various beyond. To be fair, those are all things we have talked about doing. But, as it turned out, the new product request that we’ve received the most is also one that was one of easiest to pull off.

Hence our newest product offerings: high-quality vinyl stickers.

We took a design from 15 of our most popular wristbands and laid it overtop of three familiar templates: a pitch, a boot, and a ball. And each looks great on your laptop, water bottle, or favorite pub’s bathroom wall… though only if they endorse that sort of thing.

Just like with our wristbands, each pack of three stickers is available now with free shipping for just $5! And if you missed the link above, either hit the “Shop” link at the top of the page or view the entire collection of stickers by clicking here.

And after you order your own stickers, make sure to snap some pictures and tag us so we can see where you’re sticking Added Time Outfitters.

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Let’s get domestic

It’s been a weird couple weeks in the world of soccer. This time of year, we’re normally completely overwhelmed by choice. For those of us in the Eastern part of the U.S., it’s usually entirely plausible to watch the beautiful game non-stop from sun up to sundown each weekend. There’s the home stretch of European campaigns, Champions League, and of course the launch North American competitions.

Here at Added Time Outfitters, we had been eagerly preparing for the arrival of American leagues. Though thanks to the onset of a global pandemic, we — along with soccer supporters across the globe — have been denied that weekly inspiration and escape.

But just because there’s no soccer being played, that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate the teams and memories that we love.

With that in mind, today we’re proud to unveil five brand new Added Time Outfitters wristband designs that pay homage to some of our country’s most iconic clubs:

Coupled with the already available Cincinnati-inspired Queen City Cupset and the U.S. men’s national team derived Red White and Denim, that brings our total number of domestic offerings to seven. Don’t see a wristband for your side yet? Let us know who you want to see next by getting in touch.

As a reminder, every order ships free of charge within the United States including all of our new designs! And be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to get the latest updates on new products, special offers, and giveaways.

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Sign up for our Fantasy League for a chance to win new MLS-inspired designs

Can you smell that scent in the air? It’s the smell of domestic football returning to American shores!

Here at Added Time Outfitters, we’re getting ready for the 2020 North American soccer season to begin once again with MLS kicking off this weekend. To celebrate, we’ve teamed up once again with our friends over at Wrong Side of the Pond to host an MLS Fantasy League this campaign. And just as with the Premier League fantasy league we host with them, the top points earner each month in the league will win one a FREE wristband of their choosing!

Not only that, but we have five brand-new MLS-inspired designs that will be dropping this March — so your prize can be domestic too.

To join the league, click the button below or enter code “HULWZJ9Z” once you’ve created your team at


Aside from the new American club designs coming soon, keep your eyes peeled for new designs from around the world of football dropping all spring and summer right here at Added Time Outfitters!

Terms & Conditions

Monthly winners will be posted both in the official league chat located within the MLS Fantasy League website as well as announced on the Added Time Outfitters Twitter feed (@addedtimeoutfit) and Wrong Side of the Pond Twitter feed (@wrongsideofpond). Winners should contact either account via DM, or email, to claim their prize. To be eligible to win, players must have a shipping address located the United States.

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Add some Added Time Outfitters to Your Desktop

A month out from launch, there’s still a lot going on behind the scenes at Added Time Outfitters.

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made some tweaks and improvements to the website and checkout process. The build-out of our social platforms continues on a weekly basis. And we’ve placed orders for five brand new designs that will be making their way onto the ATO store in the very near future.

But as we cook all that up, we figured a few freebies wouldn’t hurt to keep your attention. “What kind of freebies?”, you might ask.

Wallpapers, that’s what! For each of the current Added Time Outfitters’ wristband designs, we’re also dropping matching mobile (1080×1920) and desktop backgrounds (2560×1600).

While we’ll eventually find a permanent place for these to live on the site — and where we’ll add more as further designs become available — you can download each of the five current sets of backgrounds below.

Blue Moon Rising: Mobile | Desktop
El Quinto: Mobile | Desktop
Miracle in Istanbul: Mobile | Desktop
Mes Que: Mobile | Desktop
The Treble: Mobile | Desktop

Enjoy… and stay tuned for those five new designs coming soon!

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This Ain’t Fergie Time, It’s Added Time

Like all great ideas in the modern era, Added Time Outfitters was born of a text message between friends.

“I’ve got an idea I want to show you this week… let’s get together if you’re not busy.”

That text message led to a brunch, which in turn led to a scribbled idea in a notebook, which eventually led to this website and all the stuff you find on it. Obviously, there’s a lot more to the story than those three mundane steps. But that’s how things are in added time: simplified and to the point.

However, the idea that spawned that text message was ultimately pretty simple: let’s create a unique way for anyone, in any place or setting, to show love for their team.

Hats, t-shirts, kits, and training wear are all awesome ways to do that — you’ll find our closets stuffed full of them. Yet it can be tough to wear those in the classroom or office. And for others, jerseys and track jackets are too loud and flashy and a more subtle sign of support is desired.

But even when creating a subtle supporting accessory, we wanted to make sure each item we designed still told a story. Still had meaning. Still celebrated the rich culture that surrounds each player, club, and team.

That’s how we came up with Added Time Outfitters’ first line of offerings: a line of soccer-inspired, reversible, low-key wristbands that we’re dubbing the “Match Collection”. One side featuring a design inspired by that team’s culture, the other commemorating one of their greatest ever matches.

And after over nearly a year of planning, designing, sourcing, and building, we’re launching Added Time Outfitters with five original designs for five historic matches from five of the world’s most popular sides.

Don’t see a design for your favorite team? Don’t worry… additional designs are already in the works! And for those who feel compelled to make a recommendation on who we design a new wristband for next — yes, we’re absolutely open to collaborations with like-minded clubs, brands, and organizations — drop your suggestion(s) here.

In the meantime, keep an eye on this space for updates on future products, special projects, promotions, and the inspirations we see in and around the beautiful game. And don’t forget to shop the “Match Collection” now.